Redefining tomorrow's food

Zyrcular Origins encapsulates everything that led us to create Zyrcular Foods: constantly striving towards an inclusive, healthy, sustainable and egalitarian food system. For us and for those to come.


Made here, for every palate 

  • Produced in Spain 

  • Created for Mediterranean tastes 

  • For every dietary option: flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan… 

  • For every consumer segment 


Created with our staff in mind

  • A multidisciplinary team 

  • Full work-life balance 

  • Career development plans 

  • Talent-based evaluations  


Made for people

  • With olive oil

  • Free from GMO soybeans 

  • Fewer additives 

  • Total food safety 


Made with the planet in mind 

  • Green energy, almost entirely self-sufficient 

  • Recyclable packaging  

  • Very low emissions and effluents 

  • BREEAM-certified production plant 

The Zyrcular Origins stamp

You’ll find the Zyrcular Origins stamp on all the products produced at our plant.

Look for them in your favourite store! 

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