Thinking differently to eat differently

The core of Zyrcular Foods lies in its R&D&I structure: an innovative system put together in collaboration with cutting-edge foodtech laboratories. Side by side with our clients, we devise, design and formulate healthy foods that appeal to the discerning Mediterranean palate.

Creating the protein of the future

We adhere to a fundamental principle: constantly searching for new alternative protein solutions. We not only closely track start-ups around the world but are also collaborating actively in several projects involving cell meat, fungi, insects, bacteria, etc.

Advanced R&D&I

Our food re-engineering team develops and tests full product ranges as well as specific products, with health and pleasure as the main focus. It also has the capacity to perfectly redefine top-selling products based on alternative protein, or to fine-tune existing formulations.

In-house formulations

All our formulations are customised and prepared entirely in-house, at all times respecting our clients’ intellectual property rights. We also test their production suitability and scalability to ensure the project is viable throughout the process.


Redefinning tomorrow’s food

Discover Zyrcular Origins stamp: our commitment to a food future that is inclusive, healthy, sustainable and egalitarian. For us and for those to come.