We take alternative protein to a new dimension

Zyrcular Plant is the muscle and powerhouse of Zyrcular Foods. Located in our BRM Protein Site plant, our production system offers you the maximum guarantees of quality and safety, whatever the need you have to cover. A total manufacturer? A specific helper? A global partner? Zyrcular Plants will be exactly what you want it to be.

Alternative protein production

We create the biggest possible variety of foods and ingredients 

Whatever you need, from a particular ingredient through to a finished product, we can deliver it with the scalability you require and every quality and safety assurance. 

Technical advice and support

We can help you as much or as little as you need 

Whether you need to scale your production line, materialise a formula or fine-tune part of your value chain, Zyrcular Plant will help you with everything you need to achieve optimal and efficient operations. 

Towards the smallest possible footprint 

We only use green energy for our plant, which is partially supplied by our own solar panels. We also have systems in place to minimise emissions and effluents from our activities. Plus, with our 100% recyclable packaging, we reduce the impact of our products right through to the end of their life cycle.  


Redefinning tomorrow’s food

Discover Zyrcular Origins stamp: our commitment to a food future that is inclusive, healthy, sustainable and egalitarian. For us and for those to come.