Zyrcular Foods launches Amara, the plant-based burger made in Spain

● The company has launched plant-based burgers with chicken flavour, beef flavour with caramelised onion, beef flavour with truffle, and grilled beef flavour for a complete meaty experience

Zyrcular Foods, a company that produces, distributes, researches and develops alternative protein products, has launched the domestically produced Amara plant-based burgers. The burgers are already on sale in the gourmet Sánchez Romero supermarkets in Madrid.

For the moment, this is a range of four burgers made in Spain that evoke the best meat experience: chicken-flavoured, beef-flavoured with caramelised onion, beef-flavoured with truffle and grilled beef-flavoured. It is worth noting that Amara’s burgers contain all the flavour of Mediterranean cuisine.

The importance of proximity

Plant-based burgers and sausages that imitate meat are usually made in countries such as the United States, Singapore or the Netherlands; Zyrcular Foods makes them in Spain. In addition, plant protein-based products consume 90% less water and have a 90% lower CO2 footprint than traditional products. The supermarkets that distribute Amara burgers are firmly committed to local plant protein foods, further minimising the CO2 footprint compared to other plant protein products, as the logistics chain is much shorter.

Santiago Aliaga, CEO of Zyrcular Foods, points out that «with Amara we adapt plant-based foods, meat analogues, to the Mediterranean flavour of Spanish gastronomy. We are a country that turns food into a real pleasure; now we can continue to do so while clearly reducing our CO2 footprint and water consumption with more sustainable food.»

All Amara products are produced in Zyrcular Foods’ 100% sustainable plant. With a comprehensive approach to sustainability, it is the first factory dedicated to the production of alternative protein products in Spain.

The facility, located at the gates of the Montseny Biosphere Reserve and Natural Park, is virtually emission-neutral and runs on renewable energies, such as solar energy and that obtained through a contract with PEUSA (a Pyrenean renewable energy distributor). It is also one of the first Spanish companies to be financed with the first sustainable credit granted by BBVA. In addition, the building that houses the facilities is BREEAM certified, confirming its sustainability.

In addition, Amara burgers’ packaging stands out for its sustainability and low impact on the environment. The burgers are skin packed in a 100% recyclable cardboard tray that minimises the use of plastic by 85%.

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