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Zyrcular Foods works today on the food of tomorrow. We create delicious products based on alternative protein, made in Spain following a sustainable, integrated, fully open model with global outreach.

We bring alternative protein to every sector

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We help you to harness all the potential of alternative protein for your retail business.


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We offer delicious solutions for your menus that can be fully adapted to your kitchen requirements.



We provide the key to creating your alternative protein products with total assurance.

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Zyrcular Foods offers you the peace of mind that comes from the most exacting certifications: integrity, safety, sustainability… it’s all covered.

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Enjoy our main product ranges, delivered direct from our plant with all the goodness of Zyrcular Foods, and choose the best of the international market thanks to our carefully curated selection of brands.

With all the goodness of Zyrcular Foods

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