Industrial solutions

The utmost assurance for your alternative protein production

Accessing new market niches has never been easier. The alternative protein market is growing and advancing, and you now have the chance to grow along with it.

Comprehensive development

From R&D&I through to producing your own brand, we can take care of everything.

Total assurance

Enjoy total assurance in terms of safety and integrity in your production processes.

Total scalability

We can expand your production efficiently to whatever volume you need.

Our industrial solutions

We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the food industry, whether you want to develop your product portfolio or have an idea that you want to bring to fruition. You can count on us.

Own-brand development

If you want to target new niche markets, either creating veggie versions of your products or coming up with brand new products, or if you simply want to improve something already in your portfolio, we can deliver what you need. The food industry is an indelible part of our DNA, making it very easy for us to understand each other.

Scalability for start-ups

If your company has an idea and needs help to develop it, we’re here for you. Whether it concerns formulation, a pilot plant or production, we’re at your side to bring it to fruition and ensure it grows sufficiently to be launched on the market with total assurance.

Maximum capacity and sustainability
Our two plants provide all the capacity you need to scale your production or conduct pilot tests, offering the utmost quality, safety and sustainability.

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