Retail solutions

Extend your range with complete assurance

Alternative protein is a market reality that is appealing to more and more consumers. We can help you adapt your product ranges to take advantage of this change.

A global supplier

Take advantage of all our options to build or round off your product range.

Guaranteed quality

Products tested by consumers before their launch.

Efficient distribution

With our platforms, you’re guaranteed a speedy service across your entire network.

Own-brand labelling

Are you looking to launch your own brand? We are the experts.

Our retail solutions

Turn your challenges into growth opportunities. Do you want to round off your range with the best alternative protein brands, or even with an own-brand product? We’re here for you.

Own-brand development

Take advantage of a top quality, varied, plant-based range under your own brand name. Zyrcular Foods offers an extensive product catalogue and all the know-how of our R&D&I team to provide you with the perfect product range for your customers. And if you need a new and exclusive brand for your business, we can develop it from scratch.

Shelf management

We offer a comprehensive selection of international brands that cover every alternative protein range. Take advantage of our international scouting work to offer your customers a unique and distinctive variety. In addition, we offer our own exclusive brand Amara, featuring the finest Mediterranean flavours in a 100% plant-based product.

Discover our brand

Amara encapsulates the best of Zyrcular Foods. Enjoy the finest range on the market, made entirely in Spain from Mediterranean ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil.

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