In-house production

We create a whole spectrum of possibilities

Our own product range, conceived, developed and produced at our plant, encapsulates the very best of Zyrcular Foods: bringing the finest flavours of our cuisine to alternative protein, with guaranteed quality, nutrition and sustainability.

A comprehensive portfolio of experiences

Comparable to meat

A whole range of traditional meaty flavours and textures, perfectly replicated yet using 100% plant-based ingredients.

Comparable to fish

With our seafood range you’ll enjoy the silky texture and marine nuances of the ocean in a completely plant-based format.

Processed products

Our processed products offer a range of 100% plant-based treats: a wide range of products developed for sheer enjoyment.

The catalogue you need

We offer whatever production technique you need. Our open and flexible business model offers you a full range of options.






Food endorsed by nutritionists

Our team of nutritionists is responsible for nutritionally profiling all our products to ensure they are as beneficial as possible for the body, with consistently cleaner labelling.

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