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Our brand catalogue is a guarantee for your customers, the result of our ongoing international scouting in search of the top offerings for the Spanish market.

In addition, you have exclusive access to Zyrcular Foods’ in-house brand, Amara: all the flavour of the Mediterranean and 100% plant-based.

Discover our in-house brand

Amara encapsulates the very best of Zyrcular Foods. Enjoy the finest range on the market, made entirely in Spain from Mediterranean ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil.

The best selection of international
brands for your business

Beyond Meat is one of the most famous alternative protein brands. The range consists of burgers, sausages, mince and meatballs with that genuine American flavour.

Quorn offers a full range of products based on mycoprotein: ultra-nourishing, it promotes muscle growth twice as rapidly as milk protein.

Current Foods is a North American company that has revolutionised the market with the best alternative tuna achieved to date. All the flavour of the sea in every dish.

The best chicken alternative you can find joins a revolutionary ultra-crispy and tasty vegan bacon. Next! is the perfect product for every palate.

A wide range of top quality creamy, delicious plant-based ice creams with the cleanest possible labelling: made with perfectly identifiable ingredients.

The best way of experiencing a gourmet experience similar to cheese. Melting, creamy and delicious: that’s Violife.

We help you to bring plant-based foods to your customers.

We have a full range of materials created by our dedicated marketing team that will help you to optimise the point of sale and your social media. Let’s promote alternative proteins together.

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